Losing gear to a pug

We ran BOT last night and with some former members like that Enig hunter and Truii tank, got down Cho’gall. SJ lost his shoulders to Enig and it’s always lame losing gear to a pug, but, we haven’t had a full guild run in ages.

On a side note on my shaman I finally saw Deathwing, and he didn’t kill me directly, but I ran into his fire, did not die, but got the achievement. I finished all the quests in Arathi and the giant stone guy that used to path all over the highlands, appears to now be stationary. The lesser bloodstone ore that required mining, to finish one of the quests is gone too. I remember being lucky I took mining on my mage, so I could do that quest, but now the nodes are gone and you don’t need it at all .

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