Master of Tol Barad

Managed to get the Tower Plower achievement today and ended up with Master of Tol Barad even though it showed I did not have one of the quests done. During one battle, afterwards, a rogue named Bakstabz sapped me a few times in the middle of the alliance camp. I switched to horde just to say ‘good one’.

Ran into Zukk again during a TB, blew a kiss and got a /lick in return, funny.  It still took alliance a while to get him off me.

Later on ran a dungeon with Acks and the dps was horrible and every fight took twice as long as usual. Well, his dps was fine but the group besides that was fail, dying standing in green stuff, doing bad dps, etc.  The tank of that group, Ideki-Kargath gave me a “good job on healing I know it was not easy”.  Yep, no joke.  I queued again without him since he usually logs around 10, and the first bosse in Blackrock whatever it’s called took 7 fing minutes. We failed repeatedly on the second boss, and it was like raid healing even on trash.  Then that fail group all left. Then the next group failed on the same boss. Since we didn’t clear that boss, the big mob doesn’t show up to help you.  I am really, really hating all cata dungeons. I dropped out of that dungeon with 90g in repairs. So no exotic satchel for me there.

Tried to queue one more time and got a GOOD group for Lost City, got the first boss down fast, was happy! Then the tank and a dps left group. ugh. The new tank says “one sec” makes us all wait then leaves the party. Then the second tank joined, and quit straight away. After that the run went smooth, but I did end up with 17k heals. For real, I took a screenshot.


I got my satchel and got 78 g and a flask of the winds. Got 10k heals on Siamat and same on the high prophet.  So I can do it, when I need to.

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