Ugh Mages

Today I was supposed to run a dungeon with Acks but he logged off shortly after we talked about that, and I wanted to try another satchel so I queued solo. I got SFK and it was another terrible run with the shaman doing 3k dps, and all fights taking twice as long as they should. During the last boss people stood in the pistol barrage repeatedly and died, so during the first attempt I went OOM around 20% with just the tank and I still alive. I said “oom” when I finally ran out and died, and the snarky paladin said ‘maybe if you removed the dots you wouldn’t have’. Um, it’s a curse, and I can’t remove that. And I can’t outheal stupid. They ragequit and we barely got it the next time, again making me use my Core of Ripeness, Shadow fiend, a mana pot, and hymn of hope just to get through it.

After that I msg’d Peejay to see if he wanted to do arena but got no response, so I asked Acks, and we ran until I capped. We only had one loss and that was a close one, with both other players nearly dead (mage and a rogue). I picked up the healing pvp wand to replace my dps one. I finally got exalted with Therazane also.

My last dungeon, I messed up and mentioned it in guild chat, and Fist wanted to come on his mage. Maice said he’d come with too, and this is just another example of mage that are kind of douches. He starts out the worm fight by saying flat out he WON’T help dps the adds, because arcane has a shit AOE. I point out that even arcane can use blizzard. Then during the stone giant boss he says he has to respec because arcane has no dots. Um no but you can still throw a frostfire bolt? Geez. Then the rogue who wasn’t doing very good dps, left on that fight after he died, but Maice and Fist got it down anyway (I had died due to a boss positioning problem). So even bad players leave in a huff when things aren’t perfect. Seems to be the theme for this expansion.

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