Last night we ran BWD, which Arkwin told us to study up on the heroic fights for Chimaeron, Maloriak and Atramedes, which I did, and it turns out no one could even flip it to heroic.

We had me healing as disc again, Seyfer holy paladin, and a druid who insisted on tank healing. We got up to Nef and tried a few times and got him down to 48%. I was again irritated with the raid when Arkwin, during the trash before Omnotron, told me to stop standing on him even though I don’t recall being near anyone, then when SJ said something to him privately, said aloud in vent that I did the same thing “last week” and that I repeatedly “chased me around” the last raids too. I don’t know if that was supposed to be funny? I take comments about things I may be doing wrong in a raid seriously, and serious comments that are meant to be a joke, are not funny to me. Then inexplicably we invited the bitchy bear tank Ith who asked for an invite so he could have guild repairs. Another joke? I don’t know I don’t like these guys at all.

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