Yeah, it sucks.

I had always been curious what it would be like to run arena with Rayslayz on his rogue on Alliance, and I found out today.  It sucks.  He asked me to run a few matches I said sure, we set up a team and ran first against a frost dk and a feral druid.  We lost, and I didn’t see either person we fought against take any considerable damage.  I got beat down pretty hard and died after I had to use all my cd’s.


Then we did a shadow priest and frost mage, which means they had a good amount of CC, so I was healing/dispelling as much as I could between fears and such and we lost again with neither other player taking what looked like ANY damage. He then said he quits, left the team we just made, then ragged on me repeatedly for not dispelling, being in the wrong place, etc.

Did not want to raid tonight, so ran 2’s with Acks on my mage to get cap, after running it with Alexmx earlier, then ran 3’s with Rashill, Acks and my priest for fun, did pretty well, 8-3.  And one loss was only because Acks didn’t load in with us during one battle.

After that I did a SoTA and, wth honor?  I had 10th highest HK’s, 3rd highest healing, 1 siege destroyed, and got the LOWEST amount of alliance honor, BY A TON.


So how the hell did I get over 100 l less than the lowest alliance player?

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