Ocyla the Ghoul

We had Frmunda log in, left guild, and log out at record speed today.

Besides that, last night I ran a daily dungeon with Maice and per usual we got… yes, Deadmines.  At the end I died since I didn’t run away, and this time he turned me into a ghoul thing, which I’ve never had happen to me before.  We had talked about this being what a DKs Brez would be, since having a druid like version of it would be unfair.


Then I went back to Hyjal to pick up on some of my quests, and fought the dragon Sethria


I probably could have killed her myself at this level, but I did use the signal to summon a bunch of druids in their cheating flight form to help me kill her.

Later I went on to do the arial jousting, and seriously? Someone has been playing NES Joust, haven’t they?


The flying was difficult both because jousting in 360 degrees is a problem in general, but having to constantly pump what was my C keybind, was difficult.  But I got an achievement and a pet out of it.

And this, this, you cannot get more cute.


I’m holding one bear cub while another peeks out of the tree, then you get to throw them on a trampoline (or not) but you only get credit if they land safe.

On a side note, I checked my horde and got a message back from Rayslayz, and now I have his alliance rogue on my friends list.

The raid was cancelled tonight so I did more quests in Hyjal, finally hit exalted with them, and then ran Throne of Tides with Leonz, then ran a fail TB and ran into Rexe and had some fun killing horde… for fun.

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