Ascendent Council

Let’s see, starting to get days messed up.  On Friday we ran everything in BWD except Magmaw, which was already done, and of course Nef, then cleared out BoT up to the council, which went poorly and then we called it.


Today the raid didn’t even get going since we were missing 2 people, and first decided to wait an hour for someone to show up, and then tried to get replacements which didn’t work out. It was called at about an hour 15.

I ran my daily dungeon, then ran arena with Leonz on his team.  I could have done better, as disc, but we capped for the week anyway and I picked up my Vicious pants.  Pretty good considering that I haven’t played disc in a while, and we are newly partnered. During one of the fights, with a priest named Desasteress, they pm’d me with “gg” and “<— rayslayz” which I totally remember from messing with him in TB. The guy has like full vicious gear and, at the time, a 1800 arena rating.  I tell them I am impressed and he says he’s thinking about going back to Alliance. Says he has a rogue too, well, you don’t say! I seem to have misplaced my rogue. Anyway I try to carry the convo a little but then someone else msg’s me and says he just left, apparently they were having a lan party and drinking at someone else’s house.  I log in my horde to say hello, then call it a night.

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