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Doing Favors…

A hunter in my guild asked if anyone wanted to do normal Everbloom the other day.  No one replied but me, and may have been a sign.

We waited in queue for 10 minutes, then get the dungeon pop.  The DK tank is letting aggro go everywhere, I’m running around with mobs on me the entire time.  Then after the first pull he stands there for a long time, then starts spinning in circles.  I comment that I think we’re getting trolled, and someone replies “maybe you should look at the server”.  Uh oh.  Everyone but the hunter and I are in the same guild and then I hear “we’re all in the same room”.

I try to kick the DK and it says it can’t for 10 minutes.  The warrior says he will tank, does one pull and asks how he did.  I said fine but just pull less next time.  He said he didn’t pull extra, then stands there for at least 2 minutes.  We’ve been in the dungeon probably 10 minutes and only pulled 2 groups so I said I didn’t have time for that crap and left. The hunter, Aleon, follows me.  We queue again.

This time it goes ok if not amazingly slow, with Xeri’tac taking 6 minutes and 37 seconds to die.


Mind you, this is Normal mode.  We wipe once or twice just from disastrous pulls.

After a wipe just before the last boss, the hunter phases out.  We pull without him, wipe because ADDS again, and he’s still outside of the dungeon.  I asked where he is, no reply.  He gets kicked.   The time on the dungeon at this point is about 40 minutes.

He finally replies and says “I’m in the arena”.  I ask why he left, didn’t he need the dungeon?  He said yeah let’s do it. I explain I’m still IN the dungeon and asked what happened.  “I’m game too” he says “let’s do this”.  I’m totally confused and asked why he left early.  He said he didn’t mean to.  Well, I didn’t have time for another 45 minute dungeon run and logged.  This is why I usually just pug, I don’t feel I owe anyone a favor to put up with crap like that.

Yep, that’s a wipe.

Wiped on this boss 4 times, and replaced about 5 dps, until we finally got it.


I’ve been making sure to tell tanks, when they are doing well, also.



I’ve had a few who were excellent, tell me that their last group said they were squishy or stupid stuff like that.

And this chat just made me laugh.


DPS Sucked, why?



Well it could have been because only 2 people were dpsing, since the tank pulled before the paladins got back to the fight.  I LOL’d at this kick anyway.  We’re back to dungeons being mostly difficult too, that DK actually wasn’t that bad, but the 2 warriors before and after him, oy.  Popping everything I had.

I… I can’t heal this

Chained a bunch of heroic dungeons today, and man, they are cool looking, and the mechanics in most of the fights keep me busy.





But that last one, man.  tank and 3 melee.  We wiped twice and I had to flat out say “I can’t heal this”. They said I could, and we got it the next time but I have a feeling they popped all dps cool downs or something, because I couldn’t possibly heal any harder than I was.  It was like a CM gold run when it just came out kind of hard.  HARD.


What the actual fuck?!

So, I had a thing with those mist lurker things in the last expansion, and I found my creeper mob in this one. WoWScrnShot_111514_145003


It’s even worse in motion.




I tried both dungeons, and man healing them was hard.  Like “all my cool downs are on cool down constantly” kind of hard.  It’s not something I’d want to do as dps, as I KNOW with another healer, people would have died.  Yes I’m bragging.  But a lot of people aren’t as fast as me.  It’s the way it is!