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Hardmode Ulduar

Did a hardmode 25m Ulduar achievement/transmog run last night.  I’ve only seen a few of the fights in here since I started during Wrath, when that content wasn’t done any more.  There was a druid by the name of Flardoran who wasn’t in vent, and being randomly rude in chat, saying we were fail and that kind of thing.


Anyway I found the fights interesting and new, since most of them I have not seen outside of the ones you had to do for those weekly raids back in Wrath, but those were limited to Razorscale, Flame Leviathan, and that furnance guy if I remember right.


The invite didn’t specify “must know fights” but there seemed to be a little bit of eye rolling over not knowing them in advance and the assumption that some of us think you can just faceroll all mechanics, which I know is not the case, and something I am glad you cannot do.


I almost wish I was around when this content was new because it seems quite a bit different than where I came in at to begin with.  Giants and robots?  Lineage 2 ad similar lore with Cruma Tower and Giants Cave so the theme has probably seen a lot of use.


During the next fight, someone posted an achievement where you had to not get hit by any of the shadow crashes.  Someone said we would most assuredly fail on this, which I seemed kind of pessimistic until I watched another druid, Knuggy, take a full face of a crash without making the slightest attempt to move.  So, yeah.


This fight I’d almost like to see in newer content.  You could not regen mp, at all.  No evo, mana gems, nothing.  As arcane needless to say, I was wanding it most of the fight.  I don’t know what I would have done on my priest, all Heals maybe?

We tried Yogg  but as one of the tanks pointed out, certain people (like that druid again) appeared to be purposely bathing in the green clouds, and I died the first attempt when I got the brain link, was snatched up by a tentacle, and died there a few seconds later.


We put in 2 attempts then people started dropping.  I think we only had 15 people, maybe a few more, but it just goes back to people having the worse patience ever sometimes. My rolls have continued to be awesome, rolled a 10 on a tailoring recipe I wanted, rolled an 88 on a dagger I wanted but still lost to a 94.  Good stuff. I was glad to see all these fights though, I can’t get over how much content is in the game that I’ve completely missed.