Going down

Last night Janusz offered to help me find the entrances to the new dungeons and I accepted.

This is us in Theramore, with me under the effect of a new potion that randomly gives you a disguise of other classes, even horde, even male. I liked this one a lot.


We queue up together for one of the new instances, and I take a split second off healing to take a shot of this boss, and his tornados! Pretty cool!


the healing involved is very hard, very intense, and although I do not lose anyone at one point nearly everyone was down to like 5% hp.  There was just no healing fast enough without carefully watching mp amounts too.  Speaking of, these sparklies hurt A LOT. Just massive amounts of AOE damage, constantly.  I get a blue weapon in here that is an upgrade over my Frozen Bonespike purple (cries).


and this is Thrall gone hippy, but wow, just amazing to look down onto this.


and I fly down into it


and then I am down in Deepholm.


Then we queue together for AV, where I get into a battle in raid chat over why Alliance keeps “wasting time” in mid.  I point out that like 20 horde are in mid and you can’t run past even if you wanted to.  People say smart ass things like “go around then” clearly not seeing that mountains prevent that on both sides, to which someone smartly asks how one would go past through mountains.  I say that these geniuses will surely tell us how, because I am too stupid to run over a mountain apparently.  We end up losing and a die a lot, so mp amount isn’t much of a concern. I log for the night.

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