Last night I did almost nothing but queue up for dungeons.  I got in at the last boss in the Stonecore, finished it no problem and got the achievement.  Now I say, no problem, but the fights still require a high amount of healing, and I did die once when no one was getting the masses of cultist adds off me, which appear to be designed to run straight to the healer.  I’m not geared up for defense and survivability on my PVE disc spec.


I get Vortex Pinnacle, then Stonecore full run, then Vortex again.  At that point I am rather exhausted from the demanding healing required now, and pick up on my quests in Vashj’ir.


I get this funny little hat which attracts monsters in the Underlight area, which is beautiful as I have noted before.  I finished a few quests down there for that upside down dwarf we met earlier, and hit 83.  I head back to Stormwind, learn some more alchemy potions, repair my gear, learn Inner Will, put some stuff in the guild bank and my bank, etc.  I group up with Janusz again only we cannot queue for pvp together now because of the level difference. Ugh.  I really don’t know how people got to 85 in 6 hours.  I expect it to take me at least another week to get to 85, if not longer.

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