Holystab is awful

So, yeah, I think Holystab is, not working out. We talked in skype for bgs once, had to listen to farting noises (I’m not kidding), repeated comments about what was going on in his pants, how he could outheal my disc priest on his shadow priest (to which I said, ‘that means you are playing a spriest wrong’), and so on.

Then yesterday he asked me to heal a heroic with “his girl”. I said sure. He invites me, then he and she are off somewhere losing a lot of life. I wait a bit then ask if we’re going to queue or what. We queue and get heroic VP, which is one of my favorites. He throws up a queue for multiple dungeons, then says he hates this one and refuses to tank it. Says he’ll sit there 15 minutes if he had to, basically stalling the group. Then he queued up for ZG, which I HATE, and I declined, then left taking 30 min deserter.

You ask me to heal something? Don’t waste my fucking time being a nit pick. I gave him a piece of my mind then went off to lose a bunch of battlegrounds.

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