Deathwing broke my stuffs!

Someone linked me to patch notes that said that Deathwing shattered all the old alchemy vials.  I thought that was pretty funny, then I looked in my inventory and indeed found my broken vials. I have a Tainted Vial, Shattered Vial, and Melted Vial. So sure enough, they were broken!

The ICC 25 is supposed to be today but by 8pm we don’t have a full group. We fill up about 20 mins later though.  For some reason the raid lock out thinks we have 2 bosses down.  We start to go Gunship but it wasn’t toggled to Heroic, so we all die and flag it to Heoric, only now Marrowgar is up and it’s a fresh run again.  Weird.

I win the roll on the Bone Sentinels Amulet which is a nice upgrade for me, with a roll of 97.   Of course after gunship Ring of Rapid Ascent Heroic drops which is even nicer, but I cannot roll because of the loot rules since I already won.  Darn. I could cry because my mage necklace, the Amulet of Silent Eulogy drops, but clearly I’m not on my mage here.

We do ok until Fester when someone does something wrong and I die real fast, along with everyone else. I believe a ranged ran in when they were suppose to stay out, and wiped everyone.  Wonderful.  Then Shottie, who had been in Relentless until he got enough gear to leave, asked for vent info.  A little late for that I think.  We wipe again when someone pulls who is not a tank, and gets us all killed. We’re not sure who, although Fester ran to the right before any tank grabbed it.

We do get to see the new raid icons though, which I have not seen before.


and on the third try we get it, since whoever was being stupid stopped being stupid.

During Rot I get asked to dispel and I quick flash up healbot which is what I use to dispel and cure disease.  We one shot that no prob. The wand I need drops but I roll a crappy 27 and don’t win it.

As I’m standing around noticing everyone with Kingslayer titles, I go to check mine and totally forget I have the Twilight Vanquisher title, and put that on. Twilight Vanquisher Ocyla. I like that.

Later we wipe on the Blood Queen for a combination of several reasons, one people not watching their threat and getting destroyed right away, and the other with people not biting and getting mind controlled.  We recover through 2 MC’d people but after that it does us in.  Next time we wipe again, with people not biting. Again.  We get her down on the third try though.

I win a mark so I can upgrade my pants to the sanctified version after the Queen, and then we do Dreamwalker before calling it a night. Oh also I roll a 3 on a wand I needed. sigh. I high-five the mage that also rolled a 3, though we both lose it to another priest.

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