I like this offhand and FINALLY killed the Lich King

Tonight is the ICC continuation of Sindragosa and Lich King 25 man.  Tonight we have a rogue who is giving better stories than the guy with a parent in the hospital, this one says his grandfather died, he was kicked from guild, and now apparently his add ons are making him have like 2 FPS.  Plus he got booted from the raid because of said lag and apparently he was locked to just the LK.  It’s very /wrists.

It takes several attempts to get her down, and I win by 1 point on a roll for the Sundial of Eternal Dusk.  Which is funny because I just bought a PVP off hand I now don’t need.  Oh well!  It is a COOL looking offhand. Some people continually got hit by the bombs as well, including Shottie.  I am eyeballing him in particular since he joined Relentless many months ago, whined and cried about getting into raids, got a bunch of gear, then left.


The LK fight on 25 man, we failed like 5 times then gave up.  A few highlights, Shottie clearly didn’t know the fight, someone put down a train, someone dropped defile dead center of the group,  etc.

We reform for 10 man where someone says we should get it in one shot no problem.  Well, that IS good news.  Then they decide they want to do a difficult achievement instead, which pretty much means I won’t get the kill tonight.  But, I was wrong, and I get the KILL FINALLY!!!!


I must say, it wasn’t really even that hard.  Granted I’ve done it repeatedly these last oh, 6 months, but before I knew it we were all dead and past the point of failure, rezzed up and killed him.  Amazing.

Afterwards we ran a full clear of Naxxramus.  The only trouble I had was with Heigan the Unclean, where I died since I really didn’t know the fight.  The others I was able to learn on the fly and follow directions.  We ran it with 8 people although it went slower since we had a druid doing UNDER 2k dps.


I haven’t seen a fight like that anywhere else, either.

We wiped once on Sapphiron, but I think a few people never saw the fight and I’ve only done it once, months and months ago.  We get it on the second try.


The Kel’Thuzad fight took two attempts.



and then we got him down too.  I ended up with many, many achievements that night. I have to write them down there is not enough room to screenshot.

The Frozen Throne (All 10 Player)

The Construct Quarter


The Military Quarter

Pest Control

The Plaque Quarter

The Arachnid Quarter


The Hundred Club

Sapphiron’s Demise

The Fall of Naxxramas

The Dedicated Few

Champion of the Frozen Wastes

Kel’Thuzad’s Defeat

Just Can’t Get Enough

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