Caverns of Time

While I was waiting on a dungeon queue, I ran a little quest through the caverns of time, which look pretty bad assed now.


Ugh, the randomness of… randoms, is crazy sometimes. Leonz and I queued for for a Z dungeon and first got one at the very last boss which we one shotted.

Next one we pulled, and the tank died.  Why? Because the healer, was SHADOW. They swore they queued as dps but with a ret pally, prot pally, hunter, and me, obviously they must have chosen healing too. Plus they had the healing symbol on them.  So the tank died the first trash pull because NO ONE was healing.  Leonz must have tanked through it because the rest of us didn’t die.  The healer switched to disc, but went completely OOM the next trash pull by bubbling the entire party, and then bizarrely casting BW Barrier on the same trash.

Now, normally I will not mock a healer if it looks like they are trying, or it’s the tank fault, or something.  I think the last time I had was back in early Wrath.  But this guy, holy shit.  As I watched them go to 2% mp by casting shields constantly, I mentioned that it’s clear they don’t know disc healing.  They told me to shut my face and that they would manage their mp.  I told the tank that the healer clearly had no idea what they were doing, and on the first boss the healer again went OOM at about 50% health on the boss, by basically throwing every heal and shield they had at all the wrong times.  I said, after we all wiped, that it was clear as day they had NFI what they were doing, and they dropped stating they “weren’t a good group healer”. No joke.

After that, the hunter stated they had never been to this dungeon before, and the new tank we got said they were fresh full of 346’s.  We did ok but I ended up jetting when we died on another boss twice, because it was fireworks time.

Later I queued for a dungeon myself and got an all guild group from Torn, on Gorefiend, and we just TORE ZA UP.  Was a good run, but haven’t gotten anything I could equip in a while. That reminds me I must replace my BLUE necklace now…

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