We ran rbgs last night and I got to go on my mage again.  I got enough points to get my new robe finally.

The last 2 days have been pretty good for alliance pvp oddly enough. I had

Gilneas – Win
Twin Peaks – Win
EotS – Win (4 cap no less)
AV – Win
AB – Win

but we still constantly lose TB.

The last TB, besides stealing horde pally wings constantly, I ran into Shock on his mage.  Two of us chased him out of ICG where he invized and the other person left.  I waited around for it to fall then we 1v1’d on the bridge, with me very narrowly winning. I took this shot just as he died.


We then went to Orgrimmar and killed some horde, at least until 2 dk’s and a healer came out and, we were silly fighting them on their GY and got insta spawned on a little too much XD  Switched to horde to go talk to them but I am honestly not much of a shit-talker in pvp.  I mean, not in the sense of “ha ha u so bad omg loser” but I’ll get riled up when people say stupid stuff about someone not rezzing while in combat, a healer not healing when sapped, or other dumb junk like that.


One of these days a horde paladin is going to come to alliance to tell me to stop stealing wings I’m sure.  I stole this one paladins, Yresa  I think the name was, at least 5x in one battle.  Then they  tried to kill me with a dk and someone else when I was at our guards outside of the bridge, but I blinked back out of the death grip, snared them a bunch of times and another alliance player helped beat them to death.  I blew kisses a few times, poor guy.  At about 24 keybinds I am running out of places to comfortably hit skills though, after taking fire talents to make fireblast useful enough to stick on one.

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