Janusz is quitting

Janusz told me the other day that he was quitting until MoP.  I had already transferred my shaman back, but it’s not like I played with either person I transferred over to play with in the 3 months I was there anyway. At least we could have real id dungeoned or bg’d though.

Anyway, sigh.  People I know that pvp, never stay around.

Did my grinch run


and occasionally I run into people with cool transmogs like a person dual wielding Zin’rokh Destroyer of Worlds.  Or maybe it’s just normally two swords I dunno. Either way it was cool.

I go to Ironforge and play with my little ragdoll presents.


This is unrelated to my mage, but my shaman got a white polar bear mount from an exotic satchel, once again proving she’s the luckiest char I have right now.


I did a bunch of mining now that my JCer is back, and this is just so pretty to look at, especially in motion, in Deepholm.


Ran into Tierael, who I made friends with sometime back in Wrath, still in his old wrath gear, and helped him get that snowman achievement in Dalaran.


He seemed to remember me but said he doesn’t have time to play with work and stuff, and is still level 81 and in 265’s so has a lot of catching up to do.


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