Just Terrible

Tried 3’s with Acks and his friend, but it went, fucking, terrible. TERRIBLE. We only won 2, because the other team logged in 1 person, and 2, respectively. Then I took an extra loss when they were dicking around fighting each other and left me to phase in by myself. Lost a few more, than the rogue inconceivably LEFT arena before it started to do god knows what leaving Acks and I to take another loss. Took another loss, and got an invite from Meanbaby for a raid and I told them guys I’m out. Without those two easy matches it would have been 7 straight losses, that’s just stupid shit at like, 200 rating. If they weren’t stupid fing losses I wouldn’t have been very upset but it was those 2 stupid losses plus Acks saying he had like, 200 resil.

This group, siiiigh. Facepalm. Three healers, three priests, 2 disc 1 holy. How does this keep happening? Lost the roll on the healing neck on the first boss (again), then won a roll on a mail healing belt boe, Belt of Ghostly Graces. For my SHAMAN. Hilarious, seriously, she’s gotten most of the loot so far one way or another.

We got the first boss down then spent the rest of the night failing on the bouncy ball guy. I brought in my shaman near the end for Hero, since we had a single attempt get to 1.5%, but every try after that barely got to 3rd phase. I really hate that fight.

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