I know a loss when I see it

Tried to get CP cap last night in random bgs but went 0/5 and gave up.

Then this morning did 0/2 on the mage then 0/1 on the priest finally got 1 win at Gilneas.

Half of these I just rage quit, there was just no point. When you see horde take the yellow gate within 1 min, it’s a loss, when you see the horde flag returned to their base and absolutely no alliance are in range to get it back with their full team escorting their fc it’s a loss, when they have 2 in gilneas and your team is split up all over the map, it’s a loss. I lose a lot, it’s easy to predict.

Case in point got into a SotA and horde took it in about 1.5 minutes, so just stood on the boat and waited to lose. Basically 5 demos rolled through all the gates, completely unmolested. Then won a TP where we destroyed them, so 1/2 there.

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