Subzero, sometimes I make poor decisions

End Time Baine: Tank stays in the lava and dies at about 15% left to go, I inviz to drop aggro, the other dps die, pop mirrors, hero, just me and that healer, combustion, I die, Baine dies. Pally is the only one alive. We sort of chuckle over that, since at the start of that area, I died because I didn’t hit inviz in time, and the tank told me that’s “not how inviz works”. Um ok? It drops aggro, duh.

Next up, Jaina. Pally’s name is Subzeropanda from Garona btw. We died to trash there, oh gosh like 3x. The tank pulled too much or something I forget, then another time pulled when the healer wasn’t there, then pulled when the healer was just rezzed and wasn’t prepared. I must have used ice block/mirrors/inviz at lesat 5x. Anyway Jaina, seemed like an excessive amount of flare cores were coming out, every 5 seconds it seemed. Tank ends up kiting her into the trash we should have but didn’t clear, most of the party dies, the pally and I survive. I laugh and say we should exchange phone numbers or something, like victims of a terrible accident.

Murazond went ok. We then ran WoE together and I ended up with a real id friend.

I am trying to bang out Wildhammer rep since my ret pally needs the head enchant, and she was the furthest along in that area. I also got in an in progress WoE where I phased into a dead party at the first boss and died right away. Why oh WHY can you phase in like that? Then I died again when one of the demon mobs didn’t despawn and was right on the boss, and the tank (mostly Brazil group) just ran right into it killing us all again. I told the priest on my healers if I see more than 2 Brazil servers I’ll just auto desert. They agreed, but the tank ended up getting kicked, the other 2 left, we requeued and got it down. I said this once before but gosh it seems my dps groups are often much harder than my heals. This may be because all a dps can really do wrong is go afk, do bad dps, or maybe pull too much, but that isn’t too common because that just gets YOU killed. A bad tank, bad healer.. that goes bad for all.

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