Inconsiderate Idiot Type

So, I think my new pally healer friend is either an inconsiderate idiot type or just that age that screams “inconsiderate idiot type”. I logged on and he invited me to a group, I said I want to queue for a dungeon (since I’m working on Wildhammer rep) and we just sat there in group for a while doing nothing. I left party and said look I’m gonna queue and queued up. He invited me again and said he was just getting some noggenfogger elixir or whatever it’s called.

This is stuff I hate like a cat hates baths. I do not want to WAIT to queue. I want to queue RIGHT NOW, especially as dps. Sure having a healer with you is instant queue but if I have to wait 5-10 minutes for a healer to be ready, I may as well have sat in a queue during that time. Maybe that’s bratty of me but I really do hate waiting on other people for things I can do myself.

At any rate we queued up and he said he wanted to leave at the first boss Arcurion in Hour of Twilight because he hates this dungeon. I said it made no difference to me, but it was pretty easy to heal.

We got the first boss down and the tank left, then he was like “I gtg” and left, leaving me with another 8 minute queue wait. If there is much more “Soulprince” behavior I’m out of this real id thing. I’m also being called a “bro or gal” even though my name is clearly female in real id /shrug. lol

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