So yeah couple of things to catch up on. In happy news we got down the Grand Empress tonight, and the first boss in Terrace was easy mode. I used tokens on Sha, Empress, and first boss and got gold, gold and gold. And absolutely nothing dropped I could use. Not so happy.

Then I had issues so bad with Warbomb (Ultrabomber/Flame) that I had to report him for abuse. Sunday he sent me a message that just said that he overslept the prior day we were supposed to do arena, and that we “HAVE to” do it tomorrow (Monday) and “don’t make any plans”. No hi, no, can you do it tomorrow?

On Monday again no hi or nothing just “you rdy?”. I said no. He asked me to let him know when to switch and I said I don’t want to do arena. This is what followed:

Him: I can get my legs tonight and my boots after that
Me: I don’t feel like capping this week
Him: …
Him: then why are we even 2’s partners?
me: we were doing it for points but I don’t want to do it this week
Him: God damnit

then he asked me to give him team lead so he could invite a healer. I said no

him: yeah
me: it’s my team
him: ima get a healer in the team so I can cap for this week
me: ok then make your own team
him: …
him: you are acting like a child
me: I’m not, it’s my team and I don’t want to turn over leader
him: I can give it back after I get a healer
him: Really pushing my nerves this week
me: I don’t know where you get off telling me what to do either
him: Ahaaah! if I was telling you what to do then I would be violent. Don’t accuse me of something you can’t back up doll
me: violent in a video game, how’s that gonna work?
him: Use your imagination. I wouldn’t be as calm with you. Think about it.


me: I don’t even know what to say about that tbh.
Him: because it’s true
Me: What is? You’d get loud with me?
him: I’d get violent. And I wouldn’t be holding this tone with you while your acusing me of doing thing (not my spelling, his)
me: I think it’s unnecessary to mention violence over not geting arena cap
him: I’m mentioning violence because if I was doing what you acuse me of doing then I would be violent.

Again, what?

him: not calm.
me: I didn’t accuse you of anything.

Because I didn’t. At any time. But even if I did so what.

At that point I reported him for abuse but still got, outside of real id

Him: Be a bitch then. I hope you have fun.

Whatever dude.

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