I gquit Post Mortem today.   I suppose I should have done it a while back, but Annibelle sort of pushed me over the edge.  No one has been on in that guild in a while, and Iocane doesn’t log in much.

I guess it started when I ran into him on his warrior in Venture Bay, and killed him.  He wasn’t too amused.  Then I was healing Tol Barad on my druid and he called me a traitor “because I can’t fucking kill you”.  No, that’s because Alliance on my server is bad at pvp.

Then after a Tol Barad I made a point of killing him twice and he took it badly, he at first was first bitching about the two healers that happened to be there when I queued in, and later when I killed him with a warrior on me.  I got “I fucking hate you” and he removed me from real id.  Ok then.  I switched to Alliance, said “why you gotta be like that” or something and then just gquit a bit later.

I brought the deluxe version of Warlords and I get a free 90 which I’m going to use when my warrior is 60.  That way I get boosted professions, yay not going to have to leveling engineering or blacksmithing, which is the only profession I don’t have yet.

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