Rogues, ruining incoming counts since 2004

Man, 2004, has this game really been out that long? Gosh.  Haven’t been playing that long myself but still.

Anywho, got cap last week but yolo rbgs have been bad.  I’ve lost way more than I’ve won, and frankly hunter guarding is boring.


I think we won this one, but that was it.  I had a fun group on my druid as well.  I’ve been adding horde pvpers to my btags list left and right, but no one EVVVEEEER invites to do anything.  Only Crucifixion does, and we’ve inexplicably run into each other in bgs, not even grouped lately.

I won something like 16/18 bgs today besides all that.  Players can get a free boost to 90 with the WoD expansion however, so bgs have been infested with people barely geared, which realllly does wreck your bg experience.

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