Prideful Gear

Finally, finally learned the agi belt, but now that prideful is out, I don’t even really need it.  I have no real desire to get more pve gear.  I finished capping 1800 CP and got a Prideful chest, and in the mean time was trying new locations to find wpvp.


A change of scenery is nice.

Then I killed this DK, Moterhead,  a few times, easy enough.  He must have spec changed or swapped gear because he then proceeded to flatten my ASS a few times.


It ended up in a decent battle  that went on for a good 2 hours.  I ended up swapping to heals and inviting Deadfrog, since Eklipz’s dps quite franky sucks.  Then we invited more.


and the battle ended up ranging all over.


I had 2 stupid deaths that ticked me off, one I was on my glider and got knocked off some how, maybe a shell? But fell flat on my face and died, and another time where I couldn’t shift out of my stupid cat form and died on top of a floating mountain like a dumb ass. Argh. They eventually overwhelmed us, most of the group left, then we came back later and beat down the stragglers with smaller numbers again. Good times.

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