Horde is Stupid BC They Keep Killing Me

Last night Misdora called me out to Halaa because a few Alliance were hanging out.  We killed 3 of them, I think it was, paladin, hunter, and a bad resto druid.  The paladin, Nomerce, sends me a btag invite.  I accept. I ask if he’s having fun yet, and the convo turns into name calling and how we’re so stupid because he keeps getting killed.


Oh and he kept asking me to stop killing him.

He said he was going to bring his whole guild, so while we waited, one of his rogues kept sapping me.  I don’t care about rogues sapping or blinding me, it’s /yawn until they open.


Plus let’s be honest, I would kind of sweat a little when I saw this many synchronized Death and Decays going down at once.

He did end up bringing his ‘entire guild’ but we just wiped them over and over and I never did die.  I said his resto druid was bad, which he replied  “she’s good”.  No bear form, cyclone, roots, roar, tree form.  Mmm hmm.    Yeah ok what do I know.


They ended up leaving without ever getting anyone down.

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