Can’t handle CC?

I told Relentless I would heal for them last night, since my team isn’t doing MV any more. I think that will be the only time I will do it though.

First I was there prior to 8 but they had another healer coming, so I told Warbomb I’d do arena with him. After the first win, Lila asked me to come heal. We did another win against a rdruid and rogue, and I raged a little bit when I was stuck in a 15+ second CD chain. We still won but it annoys me that things like that can even happen. If I remember right I was cycloned for like 6 seconds, then a kidney, then a cyclone, then a stun of some sort. 6+4+5 (ish) of being completely locked down with my trinket not available. So as I said, we won.

I told him I wasn’t feeling arena right now (I was a little ticked that the first battle with 2 DKs, he let one of them run around with 20% health for a good minute or so). He then said things like “so you can’t handle chain CC huh?” and “what am I supposed to do with a partner who can’t handle CC?”. I snapped that I ‘handled it’ because we won. Then he said “but you wanted me to gear up soooooooo bad”. Um what? I said I wasn’t doing arena with a scrub in pve blues, gearing up is mandatory. Anyway whatever.

So I went to raid with Relentless, and the amount of times I died was something else. I did something like 50% of the heals on Stone Guard, putting out 60k hps. The entire raid was bathing in damage and almost dead quite a bit of the fight. Their druid was bad, low healing and managed to die pretty much on every boss and trash. We wiped 2 times on the second boss. I told them I could 2 heal Garajal, but the shaman went DPS, who was the much stronger healer, and the druid was left to heal. Besides the healing troubles, there was at least 2 times that I went into the spirit totem alone, once the dps went in without a healer and died, another wipe because the tank was behind the barrier, etc etc. We were forced to three heal it because of the bad druid, who ended up, surprise, dying again.

We died to, or had to reset Spirit Kings a few times when people were goofing up, and the mage doing 30k dps died straight away to the easily avoidable floor aoe, then the spriest died. That fight took at least 2 attempts. Then we died something like 4x to the trash before Elegon. So, yeah I think that’s the last time I’ll heal with them. Nice guys but gosh.

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