There’s no Crying in PvP!

Alliance has been popping out in world pvp more than ever lately.  Had 3 90 warriors in Halaa, plus a 90 hunter.  Griefed them a little bit roaring and smacking them a bit.  Did have some fun when 2 of them dueled and I killed the loser in front of the other 3 then escaped.

Oh and Blackwydow is back at complaining at dying in pvp, in a pvp zone, again.


He says things and logs so fast I can’t even reply most of the time.  I finally logged over to Alliance and told him to stop bothering me on my horde with crying about dying in a pvp zone.  Oh and my ‘gay lover’ THIS time is Deadfrog on his rogue.

A warrior asked me to do 2’s today and I flat out said no and added that I already capped.  And I mention this because I get it a lot.  Somone asks for a favor, I say no, and I get some excuse that should, presumably make me want to do it.  In this case, and it was something Ultrabomber use to do, he said “but I just need a few wins then I can get 2 pieces of gear”.  Hi, let me introduce you do I Don’t Care. I said no.

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