That “Soulprince” type

The Subzero pally I met on my mage seems to totally fit that “Soulprince” category I have mentioned before. There’s never a “hi how are you?” or anything just “hey we need a healer for Gruuls lair, Naxx, Hor, CoS, PoS etc”. The last two times I said no but occasionally we have sort of silly conversations like

him: wanna heal naxx?

me: no

him: we’re full just need healers

me: no

him: oops lol just filled sorry

Um, yeah I said no, I didn’t want to go anyway.

Been adding friends to my list left and right lately thanks to pvp in WG/TB. Picked up Iocane who was a rogue who helped kill a horde being irritating on our docks, Misery another rogue who also has a paladin (Damnesia/Crucifixion) they pvp a lot with, and a priest whose name escapes me at the moment (edit: Sassyhooves). If I remember right both Iocane and the priest are both female too.

In TB I’ve been following around Cann from VoW because he seems really good at the fire mage pvp. Plus once I came running to his rescue after a battle, after mind visioning where he was and caught him just before a death. Oddly enough depending on who is at TB, I don’t always get a warm reception. We had one today where there were around 5 horde at Slags for a good 8 minutes and other than a DK running in once in a while, no one ever came to help. We had 0/3 bases with 2 minutes left, and no one was at slags nor WV. I said “we’re going to lose like this” and got the usualy stupid “if you think that way why are you here?” (obviously I’m trying to make us win, duh) and “don’t be a negative nancy”.

There is nothing negative about looking at a map and determining we probably don’t have what it takes to win it. Especially when no one is moving out of ICG and still aren’t taking it. I was told I should leave the raid, I was like seriously? Two people confirmed it so I left (Marvel and Mysterea). Was kind of amusing.

9 minutes later or so they did end up taking it, but geez.

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