Diva Healers

I find it amusing when I switch sides, who gets upset I’m not on their faction.  Misdora was raging at me the other night because I was healing Predator, formerly known as Deterrence.    Kept saying to stop healing ‘that trash’ and such.  Whereas Eklipz didn’t seem to mind.

We fought against 3 priests and a mage, just he and I, and I only died once.  To a mind control.  Damn priests.  That slight delay in flight form activating did it on my trip down the cliff.

Anyway Predator seems ok to me.  Great hunter.

I tried getting back into the swing of my hunter today but, out of practice.  It’s also annoying to not be a healer in dungeons or pvp.  Healers are such amazing princesses.  An undergeared shaman told whoever was FCing in a WSG that “stay by me or you won’t get heals”.  Ok.

1) That’s obvious and

2) try to keep up


The only time I may rant at an FC  is if they do twists and turns in the base and constantly LoS me.  But I still try to keep up.  I understand why they do it too.




Had this bit of fun with a hunter we killed twice.  They probably were upset I pressed X on them a few times.  Before they released.  Yep.   He wouldn’t have been able to solo me.  There was a heroic geared hunter that totally did though, it was embarrassing

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