More Transmogs

Finished this one, just didn’t get the belt because it’s ugly.  Deep Earth Robes set. Dragon Soul normal druid.



Tried to kill a ret paladin and feral druid/shadow priest who were destroying Farmer Saldrean and all quest mobs in the area, but just couldn’t.  I then went resto and tried to heal all the dps, but once we killed them both once, everyone logged or left.  Naturally the scumballs came back and even with my heals, which no one seemed to notice, no one could dent them.  Sigh Alliance.  The druid btagged me and asked I stop healing them though.  I said no until it was clear Ally were oblivious to my healing AND making no progress.  Then I said go for it.  The paladin was a beast besides all that.


Then later on the Skyfire in Northrend (think that’s what it’s called) tried to take out another ret paladin, but then a warrior showed up and it was all over for me.  On the plus side I killed the paladin with a shell, where he had a very long fall before dying, and did the same to the warrior.

If I can’t beat you one way, I’ll think of another.  Watch out!

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