360 PVP is Rough

I grouped up with Predator last night, and we ran into some wpvp in IceCrown, around the airships. It went on for about 2 hours.  I have to say, trying to locate other players in a 360 degree environment is tough.  Are they on the boat? The ground? The air?WoWScrnShot_110414_224109


Their disc priest had 100k hp.  I have about 70k.  Yeah totally legit.  They ended up with 2 healers, a mage, warrior, hunter and later another druid, and we had 4 in our party.  We died a lot, they died, slightly less.  I often died in a stormbolt, good times.  Then of course this happened.




The warrior, Jakey, demanded I ask in “general” and guild to find more people, and get the hunter back.  I said he’s fun, isn’t he? and he agreed.  But sorry, not many alliance want to fight 2 heroic geared healers with dps.


I learned some things today though.  The mage spell, Super Nova, can make you fall to your death even in flight form.  Happened twice.  Warriors can Bladestorm in the air, hunters can chim shot you for 15k health, and so on.


Then I just went back to looking at things.



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