Might Do Hunter/Druid

I started a new hunter on Mal’ganis, and ended up back on my 90 hunter.  MM is pretty boring, and I don’t really care for BM, so I’ve been trying Survival (SV) on the new char.  I think it might be fun.  Also tempted to take my blood elf back to human, but I missed the sale on faction changes. WoWScrnShot_110614_191833


Low level pvp is another story.  You generally run into crap like this; 4+ disc priests running around with a feral or rogues.



They hit like a truck, with huge shields and heals they can spam.  It’s pretty awesome.  We won this one, though.  Alliance is pretty good at low level pvp. Unfortunately I’m on Mal’ganis on this character, which is like 99% Horde, so the second I stepped out from Elwyn Forest to Three Corners, I got ganked by 90’s.  I figured I would last until at least Outlands.  Oh well.

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