No seriously though, 7 minute fights. I ran with a guild tank, because they were new, and we did that train dungeon.  We wiped some 5 times on the cannon boss, at one point exceeding 7 minutes just doing nothing but killing the adds.  We replaced most of the dps before getting it.

I’ve been leveling my holy paladin, and more than a few times I got stuff like this “why we need a healer?”WoWScrnShot_122914_200633


I’m on Sargeras which I guess is mostly Alliance but all I see is Horde, like in the case of this warrior who opened on me, who I beat to death.  As holy.


But maybe it’s because I look so good!



Anyway did a dungeon on my druid later in the day, and that went 7 minutes.  Fastest time, 2.  Sigh.  It’s all because dps don’t know what they are doing either. No more face rolling through stuff.


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