You made me bleed my own blood!

Once in a while I run into a player I try so hard to beat, I end up moving talents around or even changing keybinds.  I ran into two shaman the other day like this.  I can’t remember the first persons name, but it was out in Darnassus.  Even when I engaged them, with all my CDs up, I could not kill them.  We fought for about 5 minutes until I went OOM (as feral!!!) and I had to run away.

I spec’d incarnation since I was using treants for the people that like to run from me, and tried again.  At one point I hit him while he was at half health from all the guards.  NOPE.  Still couldn’t do it.  I even had to move Skull Bash to a key I could hit faster to try to cut down on the quick heals they were able to do.  I was doing like 22k fero bites, on a crit, even perfectly set up.  It was frustrating.

Then later I ran into THIS guy repeatedly.


I did get one kill, but it was so insanely ridiculous to do so, that I btagged them and said “I give up”.  Here’s me giving up.


World pvp can be a mixed bag because you are allowed to use any number of crazy items during it.  Gliders, those wings that let you escape combat for miles, nets, bombs, shields, mind control devices, etc.  Can’t always tell what they just did, either.

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