Rogue Rolodex


I ran into a new friend, another rogue named Stardancer, on Sargeras on my paladin.  Someone was looking for help with some rares, and I joined in.  We cleared a bunch in Spires of Arak and did some quests, and parted ways.


Only the next day, what do you know, ran into the same rogue again.



Grouped up again, and got called “cute” because I did a Lay on Hands when he was almost dead.  Added a friend after that.  Then today, ran into them randomly out in Nagrand, shortly before I hit 100.



One thing about Sargeras though.  It’s a pvp server, only it doesn’t appear that Alliance want to pvp.  Horde can be attacking a town, like here:


And it’s just “stop crying” and “who cares”.  Weird.

Then I also have Kuraha – Ghostlands, who I met back on my priest in Outlands, who figured out that we can cross our servers again by going to dead places, like Molten Front in Hyjal.  We use to see each other almost everywhere but now our servers don’t phase anywhere but obscure areas.  I really don’t get CRZ sometimes.

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