Sad, Strange Little Man


So I was out in Spires of Arak, enjoying the quests out there again.  Reshad and his pet Percy in particular have some enjoyable dialog.

Now, earlier in Veil Terrok, 4-5 Horde were killing every Alliance that happened to come around.  There is no “Horde is attacking” messages because the npcs are all neutral, and therefore no guards.  I got killed a few times by the level 100 mage, hunter, druid, rogue, and warrior before I decided to go somewhere else.

I later came back and headed into Admiral Taylors Garrison.  While dancing around a rare I found there, I found myself OMFGPWNED by an 8 (or so) boxing group of hunters and shamans.  I’m guessing about 4 of each.  I sarcastically comment in general that “wow, so it takes like 300 pets to kill me I guess”.

I then get a PM from a rogue, something along the lines of “I could solo you bitch, STFU”. It takes about 2 seconds to realize this is the Alliance character, of the bot-train of horde characters.  I tried to get a screenshot of the pile of health bars rolling past me but I wasn’t quick enough.


I’m not unfamiliar with people boxing a ton of characters, I’ve seen 40 or close to 40 of them in Alterac Valley, 5+ in Halaa, and such, but I’ve never quite seen a situation like this.  So this person not only bots (yes I said bots, it’s botting, deal with it) but they ALSO keep an Alliance toon in the area, to read all the Alliance raging his shenanigans causes.



And then apparently rages at the people that complain.  Now mind you I haven’t been on a pvp server all that much, but I did play on Mal’ganis (HEAVILY horde dominated)  for a few weeks or so, and Tichondrius for a while, but I’ve never seen this exact situation.  This person continued to imply that I was a baddie, and that he could 1v1 me, but was apparently content to put some 8 level 100’s on lower levels instead.

Needless to say I said some bad words and may or may not have called him/her a ‘bundle of sticks’.

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