This is Pepe, you’ve got a friend!


He’s in a tree in the garrison, you can jump click to get him.

And people LOVE my paladins transmog.




Later on my druid, I ran into a warrior and ret paladin killing NPCs ruthlessly in Kharanos. At first go, I couldn’t handle them both with LoH and bubble up.  But that’s ok, I came back and killed them both.  Again and again.


Then they moved to a tall hill to heal up.  Bad idea.  Landed on them, blew the paladin off, where he didn’t bubble until after he took near fatal damage.  Ran in for the kill on the paladin, then the warrior landed on me. Kill him too.  They tried a few times to get me, with the paladin even trying to rez the warrior but hello, skull bash?  And at one point tried to hearth without bubble-hearth going on.

I just love how the warrior at one point said /no like I’d take that for an answer.


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