6v6 in Westfall?

I got into a 6v6 out by Saldean’s Farm the other day, Ravenshield came with, and randomly joined a few other players.  Unfortunately the spriest, warlock, and paladin were no good, and kept engaging the horde nowhere near where I was.  I won’t break stealth to run after you, especially when I said where I was waiting.

However a hunter doing a considerable amount of damage, named Skittles (Alanis) joined, and ended up adding them to my list.  A ‘not a guy’ for once, but under 20 as per usual.  Either everyone who plays this game is a teen, or some real lying is going down.




Ashran, unfortunately had some changes for the worst.  They put in gladiator mobs at the end of the bridges to the boss, which have more health than Fangral or Kronus, and respawn constantly when it’s not “time” to kill the boss.  And the boss is on a 30 minute timer now.  So if you happen to summon captains or Fangral at the wrong time, these glad mobs eat them alive and you are screwed.  Awesome.

We had maybe 10 alliance in raid this morning, when usually it was a full raid or two.  Just awful.


And pet battles.  Sigh.  FIGURES.


But never doing this again.



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