Did BH on my shaman, since every 25 man has at LEAST 5 priests, and lost the roll on the HEALING pvp pants, to an ele shaman. Only they traded it to me after, so that was nice.

Got Frostrated to BLOCK me today, was pretty awesome. He, blocked ME. He started out saying he was going to enchant his stuff, just for me, then but started his usual rude, ignorant crap which drove me nuts. I made some stabbing remarks about enchanting my own new gear after he said no one would take him into a BH. Then we got in a stupid conversation about how his dps is awesome with the lack of enchants again, while he said that lfr is exactly, EXACTLY the same as DS10, how lfr is NOT totally faceroll, etc etc. Then everything he said ended with a “derp” saying he could outdps me, out heal me on his 48 shaman, derp this and derp that and I’m derp derp derp.

I personally would have kicked him right then but he said he blocked me, then continued to throw insults. So whatever.

But then Beezle came on and started talking about raiding again, Frost rudely said something about “not taking my spot”, and when I commented about Beezle being top dps back in the day in ICC, Frost called him “garbage”. (without seeing my comments because I was blocked) So I’m pretty sure he won’t be with us much longer.

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