Nah don’t need enchants

I don’t generally inspect guild members when I raid on my shaman unless they seem to be struggling, and I’ve mostly left it to Jynx to monitor how the dps is going while I watch the healing charts.

But for some reason two dps were talking about how they don’t bother with enchants while raiding so I went and looked up Frostrated and Scubasam. Both were missing 5 enchants, Frost was also missing 2 major glyphs and in 377 pvp blues. Whether that was a pvp set or not, I don’t know, but both openly agreed they felt enchants were a waste of their time and money and they dps’d just as good as people with enchants. To make a long stupid story short, I said ok well if you think losing roughly 200-300+ in important stats to be a waste of time, next raid I’m going to heal with no pants on. Raiding is for at the least semi serious people, if you wanna half ass it, stick to dungeons. I let them know in no uncertain terms I’d check them before next raid. Dps aren’t hard to replace, yo.

One of them also told me if it bothered me “so much” I should just buy them some enchants. I said, not a chance in hell.

We were supposed to do Rag tonight but at 8:30 only about 4 people were on. The new pally we invited has accepted 2 invites and not showed to either so far. Then Frost was on an alt and said that, he was GONNA raid, but decided nah, he’d rather level an alt. I asked so, you are online, accepted a raid, but want to do an alt instead? This was prior to us calling it because of all the no shows. He said yes, then went on to tell me to not worry about him and to mind my own business and stop checking his gear. I called him the stupidest person I’ve met and blocked him.

Picked up Alexmx for arena on my priest, but went on to lose something like 6 in a row, one from a disconnect I had at the start of the first battle, the rest because I was ripped apart even through pain supp, fearing, and desp prayer. After that we went on to get cap and I got my new weapon. We’re just under 1600 at this point. I miss the escape abilities of my shaman, and the lack of interupts.

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