Things you don’t want to hear from pugs

There’s a thread on the WoW healer forums about things you don’t want to hear from pugs, which ended up turning into a horror story swap. I have to say as dps, I think I have more bad stories since I have the possibility of a bad healer AND tank, rather than as a healer when I’m filling one important part.

Did an End Time today where the healer said from the start he didn’t know the fights, so I typed how to do them during the trash. The tank pulled every boss without hesitation, including trash when the healer hadn’t phased in yet. Pulled trash after a boss fight before anyone had a chance to drink, and pulled Murazond when half of us were still behind the hourglass, which meant every time I hit it, I had to run all the way back. He also linked recount mid-fight, screamed about time warp when I already hit it, and screamed about clicking before it was even time. Oh and he needed on everything he could. Needless to say I gave him a piece of my mind.

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