Suck it Dude

Yellowducky kicked Frostrated/Restosham yesterday morning. I am rather glad he was kicked while online, and not allowed to be such an ass and then leave on his own accord.  Afterwards he sent me a bunch of messages asking me to tell Yellow to “f himself’, saying he was going to go back to Burning Legion because everyone on this server/guild thinks they are better than they are, threw fits about Beezle thinking he was any good, and apparently had other beefs about other members of the guild thinking they were any good.

Later on I switched to my priest and we had this little convo which made me smile.


then he went on to say “I just need a healer”, said he actually had me unblocked (like I care) and said someone named Monkeyfeet was helping him to get the drake.  Hi.  Here’s me not caring, k thx bai.

Later that night on my shaman we did a full clear of FL and finally got this guild a Rag kill.


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