Bad healers

I think I’ll make this thread about my healers, since I have three now.

We’ve had to pug healers in our last few raids and the selection of puggable healers has been pretty poor.  We did regular Firelands with a shaman healer, who of course won the BOE sword, who seemed to be just randomly pushing cool down skills for no particular reason at random times.  Spirit link totem seemed to be dropped on CD, chain heal was cast when only one person was damaged, water shield wasn’t kept up half of the time, etc etc. During Beth they also said they would go up with the tank then did not, so he died, the second time they went up but they both died from lack of heals anyway.  I went up for my first time a few days ago and no one died so, it’s not hard. I did win Eye of Blazing Power though which I replaced Foul Gift of the Demon Lord with.  The mastery is nice but eh gonna try it like this.

The disciple priest that apparently has  been a normal member of the team with Relentless, I’ve had to work with to get their healing up.  Their spec was a bizzare mix of the smite healing but with no archangel, had no points in Twin Discipline, no Desperate Prayer, or Inspiration. Got them to put points in Twin Disc but they chose to get darkness instead of desp prayer/insp which is still ok.  I personally consider at least Desp prayer a must. We also had to work on rotation since they were doing mostly flash healing, and how to use mass dispel on the ping-pong boss since they were often doing 0% of the dispels. We finally did get that boss mostly because they started mass dispelling, at least to me that made the huge difference.

Anyway last night we picked up this fool, a holy priest, who was using a pvp trinket (the insignia of the alliance variety), and three pieces of pvp gear.  That in itself should have been a clue about their skill but they probably could have still done ok.


However, they were apparently playing it like a disc priest. A bad one.  Trash was healed with nothing but Greater Heal and Divine Hymn, mending was rarely used, circle of healing was not used at all, lightwell was almost never put down, renew was never used, and they had no idea what I was talking about when I told them to put down Sanctuary, which was also never used. When I pm’d them about it asking for the “aoe floor heal” they replied “I’m using prayer of healing then divine hymn”.  Uh, ok.  I also never saw HW serenity going off which probably means they were in Santuary chakra but not making use of circle of healing or HW sanctuary, and of course were not using renew.

We got Hagara anyway but not Ultraxion thanks to people constantly failing on pushing the button.  The paladin and I could have easily two healed it so it’s a shame we couldn’t have replaced the priest with another dps, and we probably would have gotten it the one time we got it to about 3 mill hp.

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