Tonight we raided, and got down Baleroc, yay!  So, rather than watching for a buff to fall off another player, I just figured that I would heal 2 raid damaged people, heal the tank until my power auras told me by buff was off, then heal 2 raid people again, while throwing guardian spirit on Pawpados at the appropriate times.  At one point I did life grip on him instead of guardian spirit, which, I’ve never done.  I slipped up on that twice today, I don’t know what the deal was.


I was ridiculously lucky on rolls tonight.  I won the Funeral Pyre staff, then Flickering Cowl of the Wavecrest, then Eye of Blazing Power trinket.  Since I had just gotten the healing off hand though, I gave he staff to a pug druid that had wanted it.  Some nice shoulders, and nice looking, dropped as well, but I lost that roll.  I had already won 2 things so I would have given it up anyway.  up to 372 ilevel now.

Tried running a rbg with some random people, but, we lost.  I survived quite a bit but it seems like people always get hung up about the other teams rating.  Ok yes they have 1500 and we had me at around 1100, another person at 1400 and mostly 0 rating.  So? That may just mean you haven’t earned your rating yet.  Don’t let it pysch you the hell out.  Everyone crybaby quit after that.

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