Healers Fight

Last night we got down Alysrazor, even though that fight has like 4 phases, it was kind of fun.  Then we tried Baleroc.


This has been labeled a “healing fight” but I ran into some real problems. The way we were doing it was, to swap healing when the healer in a predetermined order, lost some flame buff, then they would stop tank healing and heal the people with the shadow crystal debuff.  But my problem was, I could not SEE when the healer ahead of me, lost their debuff.  And neither healer was talking in vent, so between pulls I was hastily trying to set up my interface to focus on the healer before me, setting up power auras, etc. At the end it seemed to just be a healing free for all which mostly worked ok, but then the paladin healer, Andrac,  kept getting the buff that reduces healing by 50%, and was trying to melee the boss to get mp back, so it just went badly from there.


But I’m sure we’ll get it next week. After that I ran 2 dungeons and in SFK I got “finally a good healer” XD  The non Z dungeons seem to suffer from that a lot I’ve noticed, I get in a lot of dungeons that are half done quite a bit, but I like it.


Good npc quote: Tarindrella: May you frolic through meadows of pain.


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