Hyjal Dailies

Did my Hyjal dailies.  And oooh spiders ooooh get off get off!


then saw a rogue named Karmarouge spamming for a 2’s group, so after a while said I’d run with them.  We did 3 wins in a row which capped him after 1 win, then we did a few more to try to get me capped.  Unfortunately all 4 attempts after that were losses, including one fight that he dropped out of at 30 minutes because we got the rogue (with a holy pally) down to 500 hp and even throwing my dots on him, he some how survived and I was completely OOM and out of all CDs.  I survived about 60 seconds after he left but we lost.  The other lost fights were against 2 frost mages, and every single team had 2 stealths besides the pally one.  But it the fights were really close and I am ok with that.   The rogue seemed to be quite good also.  I must have mana burned that damn paladin at least 10 times and tried to chain fears and mc’s but no luck. Ah well.

Then did some rbgs with that rogue and Pomstars group again, and got my cap, got the Private title and 1,100 rbg rating which gave me another achievement, called In Service of the Alliance.  That seemed to prompt Mauker in guild, who is running guild rbgs, to ask if I wanted to join their group on thursdays, to which I said yes and went and posted on the forum about it.  Ran into Zukk during a AB that we won too.

Tonight was a raid and, I really, really played like crap at Shannox.  I ended up in at least 2 fire traps and got stuck in crystal 3x between 2 fights.  I was avidly looking for it the entire time but for some reason didn’t see them, and got stuck.  I was not happy with myself.  Ended up winning the Goblet of Anger though, an extremely nice offhand.


We got down Rhyolith after, 3 tries I think, then nearly got down that fire lady, got her down to about 10%.  I’m sure we’ll get it tomorrow.  What I don’t like about that fight though, is that the tank healers get to mostly stay in one spot and heal, and I have to bounce across the field and all the fire to heal ranged on either side.  Would be nice if they were in the middle if possible but eh.

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