What do raid clears feel like, I forgot

Sigh.  So!  Even though we had 9/10 guildies and were only missing Nilvana, and even though we said we were trying heroics, SJ decided we would NOT do heroics, because Nilvana was gone.  The paladin healer we pugged was doing fine, it wasn’t heals.  We wiped on Halfus at least once, the dragons at least once.. I mean, the nights are starting to blur together.  Anyway about an hour and a half into it, we got to the Ascendant Council and wiped over and over and over.  People getting others killed with lightning rod, the DK dying repeatedly every fight by not getting the air buff, etc.  It wasn’t heals.

Oh, and I got thrown into the lava, by the stairs, for the first time EVER.


Do you remember, when we use to clear 9/12, or close to it, in one night? I know, me neither.

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