Could it get any worse?

Wasn’t really happy about the raid last night.  SJ and I talked about how the raid was half pugs in the morning, and agreed that would not fly.  Tonight however Jan wanted to put a group together anyway. I said I did not want to run if it was half pugs, he said it would not be.  I dropped the 3v3 I was doing with Rashill and Leonz to join up, and sure enough, it was HALF PUGS.  I griped about this in officer chat and he said they are not pugs, they are friends.  I said PUGS, are anyone who is not a member of the guild.  He said they were all good and it was a good group.


Ugh.  Victory or Whatever killed Halfus shortly after we did, and when we were still mucking around at the twin dragons, they were on Cho’gall.  Some people continued to die to stupid avoidable mistakes, and naturally the pugs won all the BOE items.   The druid Jan invited, Peri, won the staff of mending worth around 20k, and “lost power” after the first fight and never came back.  So, another raid run where I got nothing.  We got up to Cho’gall but it was late and I wasn’t about to attempt it with some random ass group.  This will be the last raid I run with so many pugs it’s no longer a “guild” group.

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