RNG hates me

Got Cho’gall down tonight, YAY! Lost the roll on the nice trinket though. I threw a fit at the start about pugs, but it was clear a bit into it they knew what they were about and got it down. So, Jan was right about it tonight. I forgot to take any pictures, was tired, and in pain from being a stupid ass on roller blades and falling on cement, and hitting my back in a bad way. Was told I should talk to another priest about getting better hps, said someone with worse gear gets 13k hps. I… am not really sure how someone could sustain that but if it’s possible I wouldn’t mind hearing it. I just see no reason to throw heals when no one needs it and I’m not expecting damage.

But, I decided to go reforge my stuff into holy stats rather than trying to balance for disc, since I really only pvp as disc, and reforge mastery into haste and spirit. That should help.

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